Low-Voltage LED Lighting

Look around, everyone else is lighting up there lifestyle are you ready? Few home improvements have as dramatic of an impact on the exterior of your home as Outdoor Lighting. Outdoor home and landscape lighting is a fantastic way to distinguish your home while also making it more inviting and secure. Think about when you come home and your house is dark or a guest can’t find the walkway to the front door or why move the fun indoors after dark when you can accentuate your home and yard with elegant outdoor lighting?

We are now introducing led lights that are much whiter and brighter, and have a life expectancy of 40,000-50,000 hours, that means 10 to 15 years of bulb life. The bulbs are a lot more energy efficient, with today’s technology. Led lamps project as much power as most incandescent lamps.

We study your home or office, spend time consulting with you to learn your preferences and lifestyle. That way, the theme and style of your outdoor lighting reflects your personality, the architecture of your home or office.

A basic low voltage system consists of a 12 volt transformer, cabling, connectors and 1 or more fixtures. Low voltage fixtures eliminate any chance of electrical shock. The transformer reduces 120 volt line current to a safer 12 volts preventing any harm to children or animals if the wires are accidentally exposed or severed. Low voltage lighting is very efficient using 60 to 70 percent less energy consumption.

Low voltage systems are less expensive to maintain and have a lower cost of ownership over the long life of the product. With today’s technology we have higher quality fixtures, bulbs and automatic timers. The cast aluminum and composite construction assure years of trouble free operation even under harsh weather conditions.

Landscape lighting is used to illuminate your home and landscape investment. Low voltage lights can be strategically installed to illuminate your home, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, garden and walkways!

So let Rain-Man Inc. light up your nights with some outdoor lighting.